Since 1946

Unprotected steel corrodes quickly as oxidation activity consumes the metal, but this process is preventable by protecting the steel from water and oxygen, thus interrupting the oxidizing action. Surface coatings such as paint are permeable to water and oxygen and eventually permit rusting. Hot-dip galvanizing, however alloys molten zinc to steel metallurgically and forms an impenetrable barrier to water and oxygen. The zinc coating, which is much more durable than painted coatings that often chip during assembly or exposure to the elements, then acts as a sacrificial anode protecting the steel from rust and corrosion, even if the surface has been damaged. Galvanized steel parts can last over 25 years without maintenance.

The galvanizing process has unmatched advantages over other coating processes.  This combined with our superior service is the reason why customers from a wide range of industries chose Elderlee, Inc. as their preferred galvanizer.

For more information about galvanizing, please visit the American Galvanizers Association.